CO Detectors

Often referred to as the “silent killer,” carbon monoxide claims the lives of more than 200 people each year in the United States.  Early exposure causes flu-like symptoms, drowsiness, confusion and an elevated heart rate. If you or a family member experiences any of these symptoms at home and feel better upon leaving home, you may have a carbon monoxide leak in your home.

Our safety experts perform a thorough analysis and assessment of your home and will recommend locations for carbon monoxide detectors. They will design and install a comprehensive carbon monoxide and fire prevention solution that connects you directly to our experienced dispatchers, available 24/7/365. And, we are U.L. listed for the installation, certification, inspection and certification of fire alarm systems (S3238).

At Inner Security Systems, Inc., we follow National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) guidelines and offer testing to help make sure your home’s systems meet all local and national requirements. All of our systems are designed and installed by licensed security industry professionals.

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