Interactive Features

Remote Arming/Disarming via Mobile Devices

System Status/Summary of Recent Activity – Stay in control and up-to-date with a real time view of system status and recent activity at your home or property.

User Code Management – Give your friends and family immediate access by adding or editing user access codes on your mobile device. Delete codes just as easily. Monitor who enters and exits with real-time updates on arm/disarm statuses by user.

Searchable 60-Day Event History – Get a 60-day retrospective view of alarms and other events that can be downloaded to HTML or Excel.

Multiple Partition Support – Customize access by user to specific areas of your property.

Customized Email/Text Notifications

Alarms – In addition to traditional emergency response alarm notifications, receive emails and/or texts to inform you about the activity in and around your home.

Arming/Disarming – Find out exactly when your system was armed and disarmed.

System Events – From power failures to sensor tampers and malfunctions to a low battery, your system can be programmed to let you know via text and/or email.

No-Show Alerts – Expecting someone to come home at a certain time? Get an alert if they don’t disarm the system on a specific date/time.

Arming Reminders – Can’t remember if you armed the system? No worries, you can set the system up to let you know.

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